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Like most of us who took guitar lessons as a kid, I had dreams of being a rock star when I was growing up. I spent hours upon hours practicing chords, writing music, and scribbling lyrics into my marble notebook. Also, like most of us, I eventually had to get a real job and those dreams never came to fruition.

My rock star ambitions may have dwindled as I've gotten older, but I never lost the desire to create. Thankfully, I've found a rewarding hobby in travel and landscape photography.

My photos have been featured by a wide range of travel based social media accounts and local tourism agencies such as Visit Mississippi, Visit California, Seattle Sites, Visit Natchez, Only In Mississippi, Coastal Mississippi, and the Natchez Trace.

I've also learned that the travel bug is very real and I can't wait to get back out there. Conditions (aka Covid-19) have made it difficult to travel these past few months, but I'm hopeful that things will get back to normal soon and we can all start exploring again.

Be kind. Be safe.